New Publishers

If you would like us to carry your magazine send a sample copy to the attention of Joseph Massey, the periodical buyer with a cover letter that provides us with the following basic information, if available:

  1. Your mailing address and shipping address, if different;
  2. Your telephone#, fax#, e-mail address, and website address;
  3. relevant contact names (publisher, circulation director, etc.);
  4. The name(s) of your magazine(s), their cover price, and how often they are published;
  5. the UPC number on the barcode, should you have one;
  6. the discount and other terms of sale you are offering.
You may add to this any other information you believe would be useful for us to know such as:
  1. a description of your target audience;
  2. how many copies you print or actually sell;
  3. how many paid subscribers you have;
  4. what other distributors you supply and how many copies they order;
  5. the names and addresses of stores that you supply directly, the quantities they order, and whether you would like us to take over these accounts.
All of these details will clue us in as to how many copies we should order and where we should distribute your magazine.

If you are new publisher and have not yet published your first issue, then it will suffice to send us a brief description of your magazine in place of a physical copy. Other publishers, particularly ones located abroad, can similarly notify us of their magazine ahead of, or instead, of mailing sample copies, so as to accelerate the review process. As a rule we only carry magazines and journals although in rare instances we may make exception for other types of products such as books or calendars that we believe are salable and conform to our handling requirements.

To fit into our system a magazine or other product needs to be issued periodically and credit has to be extended for all unsold units, which do not have to be returned intact or whole copy to be eligible for credit. The periodical nature of magazines automatically cues dealers to return older issues upon receiving newer ones. This enables us to tabulate sales for an expired issue in a reasonable lag period after it has gone off-sale since we can be assured of receiving most of our returns. In addition we can close our books on an expired issue with our publishers without worrying about additional returns that may trickle back to us later. This is because the newer issue will offer us a new line of credit that will more than offset the value of late returns. Our dealers will only order magazines for which they can return the front cover rather than the whole copy as this is the method of returns handling that applies to all the magazine they order and they do not want to make an exception. It is also expensive for them to ship back whole copy returns. For this reason we cannot abide by a whole copy return requirement with our publishers.

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