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BASIC INFO:      Bipad#: 07954;     Cover Price: $17.99;     Frequency: 2x

SUBJECT CATEGORIES:  Culture - Lifestyle & Leisure; Culture - Pop, Fringe, & Contemporary; Fashion, Style & Beauty

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APPEARANCE:  non-glossy, 4-color color front cover; 4-color inside; 11" x 15"


ACNE PAPER is a Swedish based magazine of fashion, photography, culture and style. Each issue is created around a central theme that touches all those working in creative fields. In an eclectic yet coherent mix of portrait, fashion, and art photography, along with interviews, memoirs and prose, the magazine aims to unite artistic minds of all generations. It pays tribute to past luminaries while still keeping a firm grip on the present, evoking something timeless, something nostalgic, yet refreshingly modern. Moving effortlessly between high and popular culture, ACNE PAPER is a magazine embracing both intelligence and glamour that celebrates personality, authenticiy and style.

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07954 $17.99 2x    ACNE PAPER
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