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BASIC INFO:      Bipad#: 80072;     Cover Price: $24.00;     Frequency: 4x

SUBJECT CATEGORIES:  Africa & African-American; Art & Design - Miscellaneous

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19:3; FALL
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APPEARANCE:  96 pages per issue; glossy, 4-color color front cover; 4-color inside; 8.5"X11"

AFRICAN ARTS is devoted to the plastic and graphic arts of Africa, broadly defined to encompass sculpture in wood, metal, ceramic, ivory, and stone, and less familiar work in fiber, hide, mud, and other materials. Included in this mandate are architecture, arts of personal adornment, contemporary fine and popular arts, and arts of the African diaspora. In addition the journal encourages dialogue on other forms of African expressive culture: film, theater, dance, and music.

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80072 $24.00 4x    AFRICAN ARTS
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