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Ads, TV, and Posters World-Wide

BASIC INFO:      Bipad#: 83086;     Cover Price: $19.90;     Frequency: 6x

SUBJECT CATEGORIES:  Art & Design - Graphic design

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APPEARANCE:  226 pages per issue; glossy, 4-color color front cover; 4-color inside; 8" x 11.25"; 3/8" spine


ARCHIVE is devoted to the presentation of innovative and trendsetting print and broadcast advertising from around the globe. The magazine is targeted to creative professionals who commission and produce advertising for a broad range of products, services, and activities. Each issue ARCHIVE offers an overview of exciting magazine, poster, and newspaper ads, as well as TV commercials, that are demanding attention and breaking new ground in 30 countries around the world. Ads are divided into 33 categories for easy reference, and feature English translations of foreign-language headlines. ARCHIVE is a stimulating, challenging and visually dynamic magazine serving creative people worldwide.

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83086 $19.90 6x    ARCHIVE
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