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A Journal For The Liberal Imagination

BASIC INFO:      Bipad#: 02517;     Cover Price: $8.95;     Frequency: 4x

SUBJECT CATEGORIES:  Commentary; Politics - Current Events; Politics - Miscellaneous

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28:3; SUMMER
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APPEARANCE:  95 pages per issue; glossy, 4-color color front cover; black & white inside; 5.25" x 8.25"

A journal of original thinking and vivid writing on American politics and society, AMERICAN PROSPECT has been hailed as the leading journal of liberal thought. It features political news, expert analysis, exclusive investigative reporting and cultural criticism, which will appeal to an educated and concerned audience as well as to all persons who wish to break through the White House spin to get the real story behind events. Each issue provides discussion about the most dynamic issues of our times such as economic recovery, health care, family issues, public investment and welfare policy. AMERICAN PROSPECT is full of fresh voices, provocative insights, powerful ideas and a keen sense of urgency, all of which make it essential reading for the politically engaged.

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