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#36; FALL
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APPEARANCE:  72 pages per issue; glossy, 3-color color front cover; black & white inside; 6.75" x 9.75"; 1/4" spine

BAFFLER is a lively journal of literature, commentary, and criticism. Blending intellectual forthrightness and readability with a unique perspective on the workings of American culture, it takes a creatively critical stance towards the "condition" of postmodernism and its American cousin, consumerism. Typifying the journal's soul-searching irreverence was an essay entitled "Twenty-nothing: Our generation Negates the Debate", which took swipes at the media for its facile commodification of the "twenty-something" generation. Ever skeptical of the undertow pull on the avant-garde by the plodding mainstream, the Bafflers prefer to paddle upstream to spawn the next generations of truths. The Bafflers proclaim in their call to arms, "In a time when the `cutting edge' has become a powerful tool for mediocritization, we dedicate ourselves to its blunting". It wasn't so long ago that Americans thought they had learned a hard lesson about "irrational exuberance" during the stock market bubble of the late 90's. But on the party went. Expensive military adventures abroad, a Ponzi economy at home, the largest asset bubble in human history in the inflating housing market... all topped off with a massive transfer of national wealth to the upper crust. Taxpayers of the future will have fun paying for it. In the current issue Thomas Frank, the acclaimed author of "What's the Matter With Kansas," explains how the mushy tenets of "bipartisanship" add up to rule by a class of people whose only clear interests are their own. Tom Geoghegan surveys the wasteland that American jurisprudence has become. Kim Phillips-Fein examines poker mania and unearths clues to lumpen America's dashed aspirations. Steve Evans reveals why American poetry is now run by Midwestern ad men dreaming of corncribs and the big Nebraska sky. Andrew O'Hagan remebers the last days of a literary giant. Catherine Liu tells you why the debt-driven service-oriented urbanity of your funky downtown isn't a good thing for you.

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