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A Publication Of The Visual Studies Workshop

BASIC INFO:      Bipad#: 79734;     Cover Price: $5.50;     Frequency: 6x

SUBJECT CATEGORIES:  Entertainment: Film, Video, TV & Celebrity; Art & Design - Photography

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APPEARANCE:  24 pages per issue; non-glossy, black & white color front cover; black & white inside; 11.5" x 17"; folded in half

The world of media arts is raising ever more complex aesthetic, social and ethical issues. Moving into the '90's, AFTERIMAGE continues to closely follow changes in the field, providing insightful news coverage and reviews of exhibitions, films, tapes, books and conferences. It publishes independent critical commentary on issues such as education, arts funding policy and censorship, and explores the boundaries of the media arts with challenging and provocative discussions of the computer imaging technologies that will shape the visual culture of the 21st century. AFTERIMAGE also has a comprehensive listing of media arts jobs, grants and exhibitions.

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